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Guide to Jacksonville, IL Golf Courses

There are many ways to enjoy the natural beauty of Jacksonville, Illinois and golfing is one of them. Jacksonville is home to some of the best golf courses in central Illinois, housing three within and around the city. Many of the courses are public and each offers a unique experience with some feature restaurants for you to enjoy when on a golf outing. Come experience the joys of Jacksonville golf with a trip to these golf courses, set in some of the best natural scenery central Illinois has to offer. 

What is Course Rating and Slope?

A common way to measure the difficulty of a golf course is through course rating and slope. Course rating uses a single number to describe the difficulty of a course to a par golfer, or one who consistently shoots close to par. More difficult courses will have a rating higher than the par with easier ones featuring a rating less than the par.

Course slope measures a course's difficulty for bogey golfers, players who consistently shoot about 18 over par, relative to par golfers. This is expressed on a scale of 55 (easy for bogey golfers) and 155 (difficult for bogey golfers). The average slope is 113. This figure also comes into play when calculating handicaps. 

The Links Golf Course

  • Address: 319 Holkenbrink Drive, Jacksonville, IL
  • Phone: 217-479-4663
  • Email:
The Links Golf Course features 18 holes and 6,836 yards. The Links Golf Course carries a par of 72 and has three different levels for men and two for women. The three levels for the men's course each carry a different rating and slope. Those include blue (72.1 rating/122 slope); white (70.5/119) and Gold (68/113). The women's ratings and slopes include Red (69.4/114) and Gold (73.1/122). You can book tee times in advance depending on the weather. Links Golf Course also features a bar and grill that is equipped with video games, drinks and food. It is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

K's Creek Golf Club

  • Address: 1265 Sandusky Road, Jacksonville, IL
  • Phone: 217-602-0533
  • Email:
K's Creek is a nine-hole, 2,316-yard course with a par of 32, though there are varying tee difficulties. The golf course carries a rating of 31.2 and a slope of 104. The course offers a good blend for par and bogey golfers as the different tees. Golfers can go through the nine holes or repeat them for 18. While there the par for each hole mostly stays the same, there are two that increase if golfers elect for the blue tee. The golf course is also home to Kitchen 63, which is open Wednesday through Saturday from 5-9 p.m. The menu includes sandwiches, steaks, seafood, salad and appetizers. Visitors can also peruse the wine and signature drinks menu.

Plum Creek Golf Course

  • Address: 1135 Golf Course Road, Winchester, IL
  • Phone: 217-742-9018 

Plum Creek Golf Course sits just outside Jacksonville and offers a nine-hole, 3,150-yard experience. The par for the course is 36 and it carries a rating of 34.9 with a slope of 114. The course opened in 1995 and offers four tee options. Plum Creek hosts various events throughout the year, including NFL watch parties, so check out the course's Facebook page for specific events. 

Foreman's Grove Disc Golf Course

  • Address: 2113 E. College Ave., Jacksonville, IL
  • Hours: Closes at dusk

While not a traditional golf course, Foreman's Grove Park hosts a disc golf course for those wanting a unique experience. The park is home to a playground as well as nine holes throughout the park. This is a great family activity as those of all ages can enjoy disc golf, regardless of the size of the group.